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iOS 10 is expected to be released in June 2016 [ check iOS 10 Download page ], at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference [ WWDC ] and will go into beta straight away. At this stage, we don’t know what else Apple is going to announce at the conference but most attention will be on the next generation of iOS firmware.

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itunes download ios 10

In the run up to the conference, Apple has been busy. Not only have they released iOS 9.3.2 to the public along with an update to OS X El Capitan, they have also released iOS 9.3.3 in beta form and an update to iTunes, likely the last big one before iOS 10. And this is something of a departure for the Cupertino company – iTunes has not just been given a minor performance enhancement; it has been given an overhaul in terms of design and layout. Apple say that the new iTunes, now at v12.4, will be much easier to navigate and those who use it regularly will find it much more user-friendly than before.

We already saw a few screenshots earlier this year, hinting at a change to the iTunes app and it seems that, this time, the leaks were true. However, whether it is more user-friendly and easier to navigate is something only time will tell.

Features of iTunes 12.4 :

itunes download 12.4

  • Safeguard Patch – to fix an issue some users had of locally owned music files being deleted without permission
  • Navigation – New Back and Forward buttons to help you navigate your library, Apple Music, iTunes Library and more
  • Media Picker – an addition that will help you to easily switch between all the media you use – TV shows, Movies, Music, etc. – on iTunes, as well as an Edit option so that you can choose what you want to watch or listen to
  • Sidebars – allowing you to see your libraries and playlists at a glance and the ability to only see your favorite views on the sidebar
  • Menus – easier to navigate, simpler to read. There is a view menu that lets you customize your iTunes library and a context menu that lets you choose specific items

Downloading iTunes:

You can do this in 2 ways:

  • By downloading it here [ ext link – Apple Official ]
  • Through iTunes itself. To do this, launch iTunes and click on the menu bar on the taskbar. iTunes open iphone 6
  • Click on Check for Updates and let iTunes find the new update. Follow the directions in the screen to update to iTunes 12.4. itunes update mac

This latest version of iTunes will be compatible with iOS 10, including the beta versions that will be released throughout the summer months. If you are not a developer or are not enrolled on the public beta program, have a look at our special deal – 12 month’s access to all the upcoming iOS 10 betas for just $10 per device.

Are you looking forward to iOS 10 ? And what do you think of the update to iTunes ?

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