Apple is known for being somewhat restrictive, dictating to a certain extent what we can and can’t do with our iOS devices. That is where jailbreaking comes into play, allowing us to have features on our devices that we couldn’t otherwise get. Cydia is jam packed with useful tweaks, some standalone and some that give the stock apps more functionality. One of the basic functions that the Cupertino company doesn’t seem keen on providing is a screen recorder and most people have used Cydia to download something worth using.

Image : AirShou Download

AirShou was, without a doubt, one of the best screen recorders available and many mourned its loss when it disappeared some time ago. However, the developed have been hard at work on revamping the app and today it is back, with plenty of new features and a great new look. It is fully supported by iOS 7 right up to iOS 10 and is compatible with most iOS devices. The best news though is that you no longer need to jailbreak to get it although you do need to use another app to download it. You won’t find it in the iOS app store but we can reassure you that it is perfectly safe and we are going to show you how to download it.

AirShou Features :

  • No need to jailbreak
  • Easier than ever to use with a great new user interface
  • Easy to delete when you no longer want it
  • Now includes high-quality stereo sound recording 
  • Top quality visual recording at 1080p up to 60fps
  • Very resource friendly, will not slow your iPhone or iPad down

Supported Devices :

These devices support AirShou :

  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus
  • iPod Touch 5th and 6th Generation
  • iPad, iPad 2, 3, 4
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Pro – both models
  • iPad Mini, Mini 2, 3

How to Download AirShou :

Before you try to download AirShou [ext link], you will need to download another app called Emu4iOS. To do this:

  • Make sure you have a good working internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi, on your iOS device
  • Make sure you do not have a jailbreak already on your device
  • You can only use Safari browser for this – none of the others will work

Now you are ready to download AirShou :

  1. First download Emu4iOS [ext link] , the given link provides steps on how to do this. After that you have to download AirShou following the steps below.
  2. Open the Safari browser on your device
  3. In the address bar type and tap Go 
  4. There will be an UP arrow at the top or bottom of your screen when the website loads up , tap on it
  5. Now a few options will show up along the bottom of your screen , select Add to Home Screen 
  6. The next step is to name your app icon so type in AirShou and tap Add 
  7. When you go back to your home screen, the AirShou app icon will be there 

Video: Watch the video to see the steps explained

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