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At long last, the wait for iOS 10 release was over on June 13th 2016 during the WWDC. It is here, in beta format, ready to be downloaded by iOS developers the world over. As time goes on, there will be more and more beta downloads as the firmware goes through the testing phases. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to iOS 10, but to future updates to the new firmware’s as well. On this page, we will provide you with the links to all the iOS 10 beta versions as they are released, along with instructions on how to download and install iOS 10 betas if you do not have a developers account.

Image : iOS 10 Beta Update

ios 10 beta

Download and Install iOS 10 beta

Like all previous major firmware updates, iOS 10 has gone through a number of rigorous testing phases, by Apple, by developers and by the public, allowing many of the bugs to be fixed before it reaches public release. The result should be a better firmware with plenty of new features for user to get their teeth into.

Download iOS 10 Beta IPSW Links :

  • beta 1 [ keep reading ]
  • beta 2 [not released]
  • beta 3 [not released]

Here is what needs to be done to download and install iOS 10 beta

Method 1 :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, launch Safari, and open this link here by copy pasting in the adress bar – [ext link]
  2. Now register there for $99 [ per year for developers access ] to download the iOS 10 configuration profile to your iOS 10 supported device. Skip to Method 2 if you dont want to spend that much on the beta access .
  3. Select iPhone when you are asked to install the profile under device selection iOS-10-configuration-profile-install
  4. In the next screen tap on the Install button. After the profile is installed, your device will be rebooted. iOS-10-configuration-profile-install_2
  5. After device rebooting is complete , launch the Settings app, navigate to General > Software Update and you should find the iOS 10 Developer Beta OTA update waiting for you there. ota ios 10 -
  6. Now tap on the Download and Install option and wait for it to be complete iOS-10-beta-1-OTA-update
  7. After your device has completed the updating process , it will reboot into the first beta of iOS 10. IOS_10

Method 2 :

Not everyone will be able to download and install iOS 10 beta releases directly. If you don’t have a paid developers account or you are not a part of the public beta testing program, you should consider the alternative – our competitive UDID Registration Program [ext link]. Starting at just $10 per year, we can help you to register the UDID of your device so you can get a look at the beta releases. If you have more than one device, the cost is just $5 for each additional one. The registration will last for one year and you will have access to all beta downloads within that year.

iOS 10 Installation Errors :

We don’t expect to experience installation errors from a company of the caliber of Apple but it does happen. Usually, this is down to the sheer number of users trying to update their devices at the same time, causing the Apple servers to become overloaded. The best thing to do is wait a couple of days before you try to download it. Other errors that users are reporting include:

  • Software Update Failed
  • Stuck on Update Requested screen
  • Stuck at Slide to Upgrade screen

Downgrading iOS 10 to iOS 9 :

Not everyone is going to like iOS 10 and some people will find there are too many issues making their devices unstable. To downgrade your iOS device from iOS 10 beta to iOS 9, follow this guide [link coming soon].

iOS 10 Jailbreak :

taig ios 10 jailbreak

No doubt there will be an iOS 10 jailbreak [update] in due course. Developers will use the beta phases to test out the firmware and look for the exploits that they can use in their jailbreak tools. It is highly unlikely, although not unheard of, that either Taig [ Taig 10 image above ] or Pangu will release a jailbreak for a beta version.

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