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On June 13th, Apple kicks off their annual WWDC in San Francisco. It is anyone’s guess what will be revealed but the one thing we do know is that iOS 10 download will be released. Shortly after that, we hope to see a new iOS 10 jailbreak giving us access to Cydia on iOS 10. Both of the current jailbreak teams, Pangu and Taig are expected to be focusing all their attention on iOS 10 to make sure we get Cydia iOS 10 as quickly as possible.

Image : Download Cydia for iOS 10

cydia ios 10 download

While we are waiting, let’s have a look at the current ways to get hold of Cydia. When we finally get the Cydia Download for iOS 10, the steps are going to be the same as these so, if you are still running on an iOS that you can get Cydia on, go ahead and jailbreak now, see what you will be able to access when we get Cydia for iOS 10.  Below, we have links to all the tutorials for all the current jailbreaks and, as you can see, there are three ways to get Cydia:

The Three Cydia Download methods for iOS 10 are:

  • Using Safari to get the Cydia App icon
  • Using Pangu Jailbreak to get Cydia
  • Using Taig Jailbreak to get Cydia

Method 1 – Download Cydia App icon using Safari :

  1. Update your iOS device to the latest iOS 10 version . ota ios 10 ota ios 10 -
  2. Open up the Safari web browser on your iPhone or iPad ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10 copy
  3. Type in in the address bar as shown here  ios_10_cydia_safari_search0 copy
  4. On the page that loads up, tap the UP arrow at the bottom of the page for iPhone . iPad users will find the arrow at the top right of their screen [also shown below]ios_10_cydia_safari_search0ipad_safari_search_ios_10
  5. Choose Add to Home Screen from the options ios_10_cydia_safari_search1
  6. Rename the icon to Cydia
  7. Tap on Add ios_10_cydia_safari_search2

The Cydia icon will now show up on your home screen and tapping on it will give you access to the latest iOS 10 Cydia updates directly on your device .ios_10_cydia_jailbreak_home_ios_10

Video : Here is a video tutorial for the above steps

Method 2 – Pangu :

The Pangu Jailbreak tools can be used on both Mac and Windows operating systems and are dedicated installers that give you a fully untethered jailbreak:

  1. Connect your device to iTunes and backup the data on it
  2. Choose the Pangu Jailbreak installer for the version of iOS 10 that you are running
  3. Download it and extract the files to your computer
  4. Locate the icon for the download and right-click on it
  5. Select Run as Administrator admin mode pangu 9
  6. If you haven’t already, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer
  7. Disable Find my iPhone
  8. Disable your Passcode
  9. Disable Touch ID if you have it
  10. The Pangu Cydia installer will now detect your device pangu jailbreak ios 10
  11. When it has, click on Start
  12. Pangu will now begin the download process – do not touch your iOS device until you are asked to do so
  13. When asked to, place your iOS device into Airplane Mode – tap Settings > Airplane Mode airplane mode 3
  14. Your iOS device will reboot when the Cydia download is finished and you should see the Cydia ion on your home screen
  15. Tap on the icon and configure Cydia for first use
  16. Once that is done, you are free to download all your favorite tweaks and modifications

For a more detailed tutorial, including videos, see here.

Method 3 – Taig :

The above instructions are the same for Taig Jailbreak , but using the Taig Jailbreak installer in place of Pangu.

taig ios 10 jailbreak


Please be aware, if you accidentally Delete Cydia from your iPhone or iPad, you have two options The first is to restore your device through iTunes, which will upgrade you to the latest version of iOS – most likely not jailbreakable. The second is to use Cydia Impactor. This will restore you to the same version of iOS you are on now without using a computer, which means you can apply your jailbreak again using the above methods.

Cydia iOS 10 Compatible Devices :

The following device will be compatible with Cydia on iOS 10:

  • iPod Touch 5G
  • iPad 2, 3 4
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Mini, Mini Retina, Mini 3
  • iPad Pro
  • iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, iPhone SE

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