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The iPhone 7 is slated for release in September 2016 along with iOS 10 download so we still have a fair bit of development time ahead of us. With no concrete details to go on, rumors are running riot as to what we may see on the next generation of the iPhone [ iPhone 7 ]. Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

Image : iPhone 7

iphone 7 features price release date

Design :

While the iPhone 7 is likely to retain a similar design to the iPhone 6S | 6S Plus, it is rumored that it will be significantly slimmer than its predecessor, with the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Wireless Bluetooth earphones are said to be in testing, alongside Lightning equipped earphones.

iphone 7 lightning headphones

It may have an all-metal design with no bezel on the display and is rumored to be “built to last” with dust and water resistance features being included. The camera bump is predicted to be disappearing and the antenna bands may also be removed, leaving us with a sleep smooth finish.

Display :

Rumor has it that the iPhone resolution is about to be bumped up, with the move to glass-on-glass screens, leading to the distinct possibility of a QHD or 4K display. Apple may also make the move from an LCD to an OLED screen, although the purchase of 100 million 5.5 inch AMOLED displays for 2017 seems to dispel that rumor. There is also talk of an edge-to edge display. Curved displays are also being rumored, along with a choice of three different screen sizes – 4”, 4.7” and 5.5”

Camera :

Although there is little chance of a jump in megapixels for the camera, there are rumors of a larger lens, although not protruding like it does now, and the possibility of a dual lens setup [image above]. That would mean the possibility of optical zoom and optical image stabilization.

Power :

Image : iPhone 7 with smart connector at the back

iphone 7 back

A massive increase in performance is predicted with the rumor of a hexa-core A10 processor. RAM is likely to remain unchanged at 2 GB.

No More 16 GB :

A lot of users with the smaller storage capacity devise are now struggling to update to the newer iOS versions, which means adoption rates are much lower than they should be. Rumors say that Apple may well do away with the 16 GB model, and reintroduce the 32 GB as the smallest one.

Other Features :

There are apparently quite a few new features being tested, including:

  • Multi-Force Touch
  • Wireless charging
  • Embedded fingerprint scanner
  • USB-C connector, compatible with headsets iPhone-7-main
  • Expandable storage

iPhone 7 Price :

We don’t know any detail about price just yet but the iPhone 7 is likely to be priced about the same as the iPhone 6S, starting at around $649.

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  1. The below mentioned features must be added to let the user have no choice other than iPhone:

    1- Most importantly, Expendable storage (minimum up to 200 GB)
    2- DLNA/ miracast
    3- front flash light for brighter selfies in dark.
    4- direct addition or deletion of contents without iTune (specially songs & videos)
    5- Bluthooth or wifi Direct sharing with all supported devices (Android or Windows etc)
    6- At least 4000 mAh battery

  2. Hi! What I want apple add to the Iphone 7 is to let send everything like photos, videos, musics by bleutooth to other smartphone.

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