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iOS 10 finally sees the light of day after Apple’s keynote speech at WWDC 2016. The new firmware is packed to the rafters with improvements, enhancements, bug fixes and new feature, all of which look to set to make this an incredibly exciting release. Right now, the official developers are getting down to the serious business of testing iOS 10 to see where the problems lie and whether or not there is a way to jailbreak iOS 10 later on in the year. If you are not a fully paid up developer and don’t want to wait for the public beta program next month, head on over to this page and check out our UDID registration offer.

Image : Fixing iTunes Error 14

itunes error 14 ios 10

Be aware, if you have never used bet firmware before, it is not an altogether pleasant experience. iOS 10 beta 1 will be full of bugs and it will be incredibly unstable but that is the reason why we see several beta stages – so that the testers can find out what needs fixing and tell apple about it. If you are intending to download the beta, please make sure you download it onto a spare device and not the one you rely on for everyday use. Also try to update OTA otherwise you could find yourself running into trouble.

Some users opted to forgo the OTA method in favor of iTunes and have subsequently run up against iTunes Error 14 – an error message that has left them stuck in limbo. They can’t update to iOS 10 and their devices are stuck in a boot loop. Had they read the release notes for IOS 10 beta 1 before they downloaded it they would have realized what the problem was. Apple tells us, if we care to read it, that we must be running Xcode 8, which is the latest beta version of Xcode, if we are to try and update using the IPSW download method.

How to Get Xcode 8:

xcode 8

  1. Open the Apple Developer [ext link] portal and sign in using your Apple ID
  2. Head over to the Download center and locate Xcode 8
  3. Download and install it

It is a 6GB download so give it time to download and don’t disturb your device or your computer while it’s being downloaded otherwise you will have to start over again. Once you have successfully downloaded it, you can go ahead and download iOS 10 beta 1 without any hassle.

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